Organic India delivers healthy organic products with TraceX’s digital traceability solutions

Organic India is committed to see healthy conscious living in action and reach out to millions of consumers with a message of oneness with nature. TraceX is able to help Organic India showcase transparency and sustainability in their organic produce value chain, thereby building consumer trust.
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Organic foods are a good choice for the benefit of human health and foods grown using organic farming practices not only boost the health of your family but also that of the planet. Organically grown food are free from components that may harm the mankind and nature. These could include pesticides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones and growth boosters. Organic agriculture envisages food production with optimum nutritional value and minimum dangerous ingredients. 

Soil health is linked to the health of food systems and soil affects both human health and the planet health. The principle of health in organic farming suggests avoiding harmful chemicals that leave behind residues which has a negative impact on people and the planet. It also involves utilizing environmentally friendly practices for fostering soil quality and avoiding pollution. 

Healthy Conscious Living with Organic India 

Organic India is a multi-national company which produces certified organic herbal and ayurvedic health products. The company is known for their line of organically grown Tulsi infusions which are sold in India, US, Canada and UK. The company works with thousands of smallholder farmers to cultivate acres of sustainable organic farmland. They are committed to see healthy conscious living in action and reach out to millions of consumers with a message of oneness with nature. Organic India products are healthy, free from toxins, wholesome and are packaged with care. It upholds the dignity of farmers and brings true health and wellness to consumers. 

Every herb, plant and fruit in Organic India products are grown or harvested using organic methods and sustainable wild-crafting practices. 

Challenges that Organic India has 

  • The need for farm digitization 
  • Capturing and tracking of Regenerative practices followed in the crop growth. 
  • Ensuring end to end traceability of their products to prove authenticity 
  • Need to validate their quality certifications to meet the social and environmental standards. 

TraceX provides healthy and sustainable solutions to Organic India 

TraceX provides blockchain powered digitized solutions to Organic India to address their challenges. Trace- Gro, the pre-harvest management module onboards farmers, geo-tags their lands and configures the crop management and harvest schedules. Trace-Pro, the post-harvest management module performs inventory management and generation of receipt notes of the materials.

Trace- Gro – Pre-Harvest Solutions 

Farm Management 

Farmers are onboarded into the system and their details are entered and profiles created with Unique IDs. The farms are geo-mapped with latitude and longitude details, plot area and area under cultivation.

Crop Management 

The various crops are configured in the system along with season and cropping details. Tulasi has 3 varieties which are captured. The sown area, the estimated and actual yields are captured.

Seed Distribution 

Seeds distributed to farmers in tarpaulin and HDPE bags are recorded in the system

Nursery Management 

Some crops require seeds to be sown in a nursery bed with the required practices. 

Package of Practices 

Once the transplantation is done, the various package of practices for each crop is configured along with the schedules and alerts. 

Generation of Approved Farmer List (AFL) 

A Farmer list is generated with all the details to estimate the harvest yields. 

Quality Processes 

The processes of cleaning, drying and packing are carried out along with quality checks which are recorded. Also third party checks are carried out on random packed samples. These reports are uploaded into the system 


Farmer details are verified along with quality of produce at the procurement point. 

Integration with Weighing scale 

The produce brought by the farmer are checked for their weight. The results from the weighing device is integrated into the system. 

Purchase Order and GRN 

Purchase order is generated along with the Goods Receipt Note.

Organic journey with TraceX Blockchain 

  • 500 farmers are onboarded on to the TraceX blockchain 
  • The geo- mapping of the individual farms are carried out 
  • The various crops like tulasi, neem, ashwagandha, chick-pea, chilly, mustard, barley, green gram, black gram and sesame are configured. 
  • The crops after nursery treatment that are transplanted need to be configured with the package of practices. 
  • Harvest schedules are generated 
  • Quality checks are carried out and relevant certificates are uploaded 
  • The cleaning, drying and packing processes of the produce is carried out 
  • The produce is weighed, and purchase orders are generated

Win- Win for Organic India and TraceX 

Organic India is able to showcase transparency and sustainability in their organic produce value chain, thereby building consumer trust and also increasing the operational efficiency with reduced costs. The weighing platform integration with TraceX application, the token generation for procurement for the farmers and the SMS notification of procurement to the farmers are few of the customized features that Organic is able to realize with the TraceX solutions. 

TraceX is able to provide the customized features bringing in transparency and end to end visibility into the system. TraceX also helps Organic India to provide genuine organic products for a healthy and conscious living and promote the well-being of people and the planet with its digital traceability solutions.

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