Traceability Solution for Seed Value Chain

A Seed traceability solution to validate seed purity and eliminate risks of fake seeds

Traceability Solution for Seed Value Chain

A Seed traceability solution to validate seed purity and eliminate risks of fake seeds

Seed traceability done in an efficient way


Inability to verify purity and quality of seed

Quality of seed plays a critical role in obtaining optimal yield during harvest. Claims of the seed supplier cannot be validated.

Widespread sale of Fake and Spurious seeds

While low-quality seeds could impact the yield, fake and spurious seeds can lead to tremendous crop loss and farmer distress.

Lack of solutions to digitize the entire supply chain

Existing methodologies used do not provide single source of truth to manage and control the entire supply chain.

How do the TraceX Blockchain-powered solutions help?


TraceX has pioneered a solution that is specifically designed to cater to the seed supply chain process. Blockchain-powered solution provides the ability to track and trace the entire process right from distribution of foundation seed to production and sale of certified seed

Why TraceX blockchain-powered traceability is the most preferred solution


Seamless integration with the existing digital infrastructure and can be configured to the supply chain needs.


The multiple nodes hold the copy of the same data which makes it fault tolerant and can survive malicious attacks.


Using cryptographic hashes and encryption, data is written into the blockchain and cannot be altered, making it tamper proof.


Creates trust among participants as there is visibility in transactions across the supply chain and tracks data in real-time.

Key Benefits


Track and Trace

Track the entire supply chain to verify seed purity in real-time. Keeps a check on fraud and contamination.

Builds Brand Value

Provide visibility of the entire supply chain journey of the certified seed and gain buyers confidence and trust



The need to trust a single centralized certification is not thereby simplifying compliance. A single source of truth validates the quality of the seed.

Digitize end-to-end Supply Chain Process

The entire seed cycle is captured with recorded transactions and all the processes are streamlined to realize a sustainable and efficient supply chain.






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India’s extensive agricultural network makes it one of the largest seed markets in the world, with an estimated value of $ 3.6 billion in 2017 and a 17% annual growth rate during 2010-2017, according to Research and Markets. The main challenges in the Indian seed market are the unorganized seed supply chains that compromise the seed health during its transportation and the market for fake seeds. By leveraging blockchain for agriculture management, traceability solutions focus on reinforcing market confidence in seed quality.

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Harness the power of intelligent supply chains

Leverage Blockchain enabled traceability platform for enhanced supply chain visibility

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