Harness the power of the TraceX Blockchain platform.


Reinventing data management for a Transparent and completely Traceable Supply Chain

TRACEX Blockchain Powered Platform


TraceX’s blockchain enabled proprietary platform digitizes end to end process of the supply chain. All agents/players of the supply chain can seamlessly add, view, and exchange information. Information captured serves as a single source of truth that cannot be tampered with or changed. Empower every user to derive verifiable insights that drive transparency and traceability at any given time.

Why is blockchain the ideal technology?


Power of decentralization

TraceX Blockchain Platforms provides single platforms for all players on the supply chain to record information.

Ownership of the data is not restricted to a single stakeholder

The decentralized architecture allows each stakeholder of the network to have the exact copy of the distributed ledger


TraceX Blockchain platform does not allow any alterations to data recorded. Every member on the network has a digital copy. Only if the Majority of members think the transaction is valid, the information is added to the digital ledger.

Information cannot be altered

Promotes transparency and accountability

Information can be trusted

Distributed ledgers

Information is stored locally within each stakeholder’s system and database. The information recorded cannot be seen by other members of the supply chain unless the information is shared.

Collaborative working

Promotes transparency & accountability

Scalable and efficient

Harness the power of intelligent supply chains

Leverage Blockchain enabled traceability platform for enhanced supply chain visibility

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