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Learn how to build Sustainable Food Systems for the future.

The food sector is disrupted by the supply chain challenges, food safety hazards, frauds, food scandals, and sustainability issues. The lack of trust and transparency, compromised quality management processes and manual record-keeping has impeded the effectiveness of supply chain management in the food ecosystem. Blockchain, the shared ledger technology embeds trust in the system, bringing transparency and visibility to the entire food supply chain.

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Saves the food industry $ millions from food recalls

Digitizes the supply chains to reduce food waste by $120 billion annually

Builds consumer-centric brands with enhanced data and information transparency

Addresses challenges due to breaches in regulatory compliance with auditability.

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food traceability, food supply chain,

An Introduction To Blockchain Traceability In Food And Supply Chain

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Traceability in Agriculture Value Chains

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Complete Guide To Food Supply Chain Management

food traceability, food supply chain

Blockchain Traceability for Supply Chain Transparency & Consumer Trust

food traceability, food supply chain

The Great Food Transformation for Climatic Resilience

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