TraceX Technologies Is Proud To Raise $ 1 Million In Pre Series A Funding Led By NABARD Backed NABVENTURES Fund 🎉

Traceable supply chains for ethical, sustainable, and responsible businesses


TraceX is a blockchain powered traceability platform that enhances supply chain visibility to build trust and maximize long term value for your business

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TraceX’s blockchain enabled proprietary platform digitizes end to end process of the supply chain. All agents/players of the supply chain can seamlessly add, view, and exchange information. Information captured serves as a single source of truth that cannot be tampered with or changed. Empower every user to derive verifiable insights that drive transparency and traceability at any given time.



Amplify your brand value by bringing authentic verifiable claims at consumer’s fingertips.


Digital transformations of supply chain made possible.

Export Houses

Showcase transparency and traceability to claim the premium that your product deserves.

Contract Farming

Digitized package of practices to gain visibility and verify implementation, compliance and impact in real-time.






Agri Produce

Agri Inputs


Engineer the entire journey of your food supply chain. Get all the information about Food Traceability and learn how blockchain-powered technology can become a long-term solution to all the food supply challenges!



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Food Traceability – Building The Right Consumer Brand

People today are looking beyond the food on their plates.. Where are they sourced, who are the producers? In what way is the food processed? And how safe it is for consumption? Consumers prefer healthier and trustworthy food brands.. End to end visibility in the food supply chains with traceability solutions will bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer..

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Sustainability – Heart Of The Corporate Strategy

Business leaders have understood that sustainability is an investment. As part of the efforts to strengthen companies’ corporate responsibility in different industries, the Global Corporate Sustainability Index rates their adherence to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG). . Businesses need to embed sustainability in all parts of their organization and translate it into their brands.

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Harness the power of intelligent supply chains

Leverage Blockchain enabled traceability platform for enhanced supply chain visibility

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TraceX Technologies is proud to raise $1 Million in Pre Series A funding led by NABARD backed NABVENTURES Fund.