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Know more about your product

Know more about your product
  • Product name:
    Ecobrew Kaapi
  • Weight:
  • Use by:
    20th March 2024
  • Batch number:
Know more about the best processes we follow:
  • Roast:
    Medium roast
  • Process:
    Fully Washed
  • Drying Process:
    Sun Dried
  • Cuppers Notes:
    Winey notes with reminiscent of honey, molasses and caramelized sugars, silky texture and long finish
Know more about the goodness and benefits:
Ethically sourced
Sustainable practices
Low Carbon
Farmer profitability

Know about the journey of your product

Phase 1/6: Plantation
Phase 2/6: Harvest
Phase 3/6: Curing
Phase 4/6: Roasting
Phase 5/6: Blending
Phase 6/6: Packing
Know about the farmer

Your coffee was sustainably grown by Lingamma, on 24th of July, 2010

Where was the farm?

Your coffee beans were grown in Hukumpeta in Araku valley, 1300 meters above sea level

And they were harvested!

Your coffee beans were harvested on 15th of December, 2022

Carbon emissions= 0.15kg CO2e
Curing Works

Beans were then shifted to a curing facility.

Carbon emissions= 0.8kg CO2e
Hulling & Drying

Beans were hulled and sun-dired till 10th of April, 2023

Carbon emissions = 0.04kg CO2e
It's roasting time

Your green beans were roasted to perfection with a medium profile on 20th of September, 2023

Carbon Emissions = 0.82kg CO2e
Blending of flavours

Your coffee beans were blended for the perfect flavour on 21st of September, 2023

Packed & ready to GO!

Your coffee was finally packed and ready to go on the 23rd of September, 2023

Carbon Emissions = 0.06kg CO2e

Low Carbon Coffee

Total Carbon Emissions = 1.87kg CO2e per 1kg of Coffee

Carbon Calculations as per ISO14064 standards and IPCC Emission factor database.

About Technoserve

TechnoServe is a leading non-profit organization operating in around 30 countries. Click here to know about our Renegerate 30 Commitment.

Contact details: Sandesh Deranna for information regarding our India Coffee practice. | +91 82722 24781

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