Svojas Farms builds Trustworthy Consumer Brands with TraceX Solutions

Svojas connects with TraceX to build trustworthy brands for their consumers. Customer satisfaction is their priority, and they believe in adhering to sustainable agriculture practices to ensure a chemical- free and healthy product to the end consumer. TraceX solutions helps them to realize an authentic and safe product with blockchain traceability.
honey traceability, millet supply chain
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Honey, the nectar of life rich in medicinal value! 

Pure, chemical free and farm fresh honey 

Authentic and Bee friendly ethical practices of production 

These are the basic demands of consumers worldwide. 

Let us dip ourselves into the story of hive to honey traceability for a healthy future. See how TraceX helped Svojas farms to realize a trustworthy consumer brand with Blockchain traceability for its products. 

Svojas Farms 

Svojas farms is a women owned company that prioritizes on customer satisfaction with 100% natural products. They believe in a journey of healthy and well-being offering chemical free products through sustainable agriculture to the end consumer. With Food quality and safety at the core, SAFE ( Svojas Assured Food Experience) is their way forward. 

Their products are built around introducing the nutritious millets into people’s food culture together with pure and organic products like honey, ghee and a few spices. 

Stinging Challenges of Svojas Farms 

  • Svojas primarily believes in food quality and safety of their products 
  • Authenticity of the product is of great importance 
  • They believe in natural and ethical sourcing of the ingredients used in their products. 
  • Adopting Sustainable agriculture practices to realize environmentally friendly products 
  • Promote plant based healthy alternatives for all 
  • Showcase Brand trust and Transparency to the end consumer. 

Traceability Solutions for a Healthy Future 

The growing demand from consumers on transparency in the food they consume are driving the need for end-to-end traceability in food value chains. The capacity to trace a product from the farm through processing, distribution, transportation and retail to the end consumer is a standard practice for all the players in today’s supply chains. 

Blockchain powered traceability solutions provide the competitive edge to brands in helping them showcase trust and transparency instantly to the customer. The QR code story recreates the journey of the product from farm to plate assuring consumers of the quality, authenticity and sustainability of the product. 

It also helps brands to streamline their product management workflows and manage their inventories. Batch management helps in tracking of products. Quality certifications can be uploaded to aid audit trails and QR code labelling ensures end to end transparency of the products. 

TraceX Solutions for Svojas 

Svojas uses the Post-Harvest Management Module of TraceX Solutions 

  • Product Management 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Manufacturing

These processes are streamlined for end to end traceability thereby ensuring a transparent supply chain 

  • The various raw materials of the various products are configured in the system 
  • As a part of inventory management, the products are onboarded along with the respective raw materials 
  • The various manufacturing stages are configured based on the product 
  • The manufacturing stages are classified into Procurement, Processing, Lab Testing and Packaging& Labelling 
  • The raw product is procured 
  • The processing activities are carried out 
  • In order to ensure quality, lab tests are carried out externally and the reports are uploaded 
  • The final stage of packaging into the SKUs along with QR code labelling is carried out

Win-Win for Svojas and TraceX 

Svojas is able to showcase brand transparency through the QR code labelled on the products. The end-to-end traceability helps the brand to realize safe and healthy food and helps them to react instantly to recall problems, build optimized supply chains for enhanced sustainability. 

TraceX helps companies to build trustworthy brands that promise transparency and authenticity of the product 

Svojas is using TraceX solutions for its Honey brand and soon they would be driving traceability in their healthy and nutritious Millet range of food products. 

An Assured Food Experience for one and all…. 

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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food traceability, food supply chain

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