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Optimize supply chain for increased efficiency with blockchain and reduce food wastage. Save costs and drive brand growth

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TraceX Product Overview


TraceX’s blockchain traceability platform provides a seamless access to all the participants in the food supply chain to add or exchange data. Information captured serves a single source of truth from farm to fork enabling better control on the supply chains which in turn helps with food safety, product recalls and sustainability initiatives


Food waste is set to increase by a third by 2030

food traceability, food supply chain,

Average Annual waste of consumable food

food traceability, food supply chain,

Total monetary loss in industrialized countries

food traceability, food supply chain,

Waste due to poor handling and processing

Impact of Food Waste

food traceability, food supply chain,
Environmental and climatic impact
food traceability, food supply chain,
Wastage of land and fuel and biodiversity losses
food traceability, food supply chain,
Inability to feed the growing population
food traceability, food supply chain,
Diminishing of freshwater resources

What are the Challenges Organizations face?


Farm-level losses like pests, weather, and diseases

Lack of transportation and infrastructure

Lack of visibility in the supply chain

Lack of Sustainable practices

Vulnerabilities in processing and handling

What are the solutions we give?


Farm-level digitization

Package of Practices for Crop Management

End to end traceability

Collaborative platform with secure data exchange

Benefits of TraceX’s Solutions


Blockchain-powered Traceability Solutions for Supply Chain Visibility

Agri-Input Crop Advisory Solutions to reduce food waste

Inventory Management to avoid food losses

Supply Chain Transparency resulting in cost savings



Amplify your brand value by bringing authentic verifiable claims at consumer’s fingertips.


Digital transformations of supply chain made possible.

Export Houses

Showcase transparency and traceability to claim the premium that your product deserves.

Contract Farming

Digitized package of practices to gain visibility and verify implementation, compliance and impact in real-time.






Agri Produce

Agri Inputs




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A Guide to Creating a Food Product Recall Checklist

A product can be affected by a variety of reasons and circumstances at any point in the supply chain. Contamination, adulteration, mislabeling, flaws, allergenic, physical, or chemical damage pose a concern to the consumer or the organization, prompting a food recall. Read on to check how a product recall checklist is created.

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Farm Management System for the Fruit and Vegetable Export Market

India is the second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world but yet contributes to about 1.5% of its market. Are our Farm and supply chain management solutions efficient? Technological innovations like Farm management software and Blockchain Technology can help close this gap. FMS helps both pre and post-harvest processes in smooth functioning and providing profitable and sustainable results. 

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Food Safety in the Fruit and Vegetable Supply Chain

Indian fruits and vegetable market has a fragile supply chain; about 30% of the produce is lost annually because of changes in prices, market demand, increase in the cost of inputs, lack of storage facility, and unstable logistics. Farm management software enhances operational efficiency and reduces production costs. It serves as a Digital diary for the farmer to plan and carry out farm activities efficiently.

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