N+3F brings a Pesticide-Free revolution for a Safer Tomorrow with TraceX solutions

The Non-pesticidal management of agriculture is a network to advocate pesticide-free sustainable agriculture and food systems. N+3F benefits in delivering pesticide-free safe food to consumers with the help of Blockchain Traceability solutions from TraceX.
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The pandemic brought a shift in consumers’ behavior towards healthy food with the rising awareness of chemically laden food which brings its own risks. The need for a shift to nature-positive agriculture is rapidly increasing. The focus is on producing an adequate quantity of nutritious food in a sustainable manner. The Non-pesticidal management of agriculture is a network to advocate pesticide-free sustainable agriculture and food systems. 

The shift from conventional farming to organic farming involves a large capital and takes time. Non-pesticidal management of agriculture bridges this gap. It involves various strategies to control pests and maintain the health of the crops. A number of pesticide-free practices are employed to improve soil health before sowing and thereby strengthen the crop ecosystem. 

The traces pesticides leave in products is called the residue. A Maximum Residue Level (MRL) is the highest level of pesticide residue that is legally tolerated in the food or the feed. The MRL value should be as low as possible in food for safe consumption. 

N+3F( Nature Positive Farming and Wholesome Foods Foundation) 

N+3F is a nonprofit support organization that promotes nature-positive farming and food systems at scale across India.

N+3F believes in working towards the non-pesticidal management of agriculture for the well-being of the people and the planet.

It works in collaboration with a number of organizations, FPOs, and NGOs all over India. Ram Rahim Pragati Producer Company Limited (RRPPCL) in Madhya Pradesh is one such FPO tied to N+3F that empowers farmers to deliver quality crops to markets and Food Processing organizations like Safe Harvest.

The crops grown are Red Gram, Bengal gram, and Wheat. 

Safe Harvest is the first brand in the country to sell pesticide-free food in the safe food category and the testing of MRL is mandatory for all of its products. 

“Farmers who practice NPM and work with Safe Harvest earn around 20 percent more than those who cultivate conventionally.”

The Challenges of N+3F 

  • Farm Management to help farmers plan their crop growth and harvests 
  • Crop activity schedules with a proper package of practices to achieve efficient crop yields. 
  • Digitization of their activities to ensure streamlined processes and harvest management 
  • Quality checks for MRL to ensure the safety of products. 
  • Collaboration between stakeholders to build trust in the delivered products 
  • Market linkages and Insights for higher profits.
Take your first step towards pesticide-free produce. | Talk to our Sustainaibility Experts

TraceX’s Blockchain Traceability Solutions has the answer. 

N+3F connects with TraceX to use their traceability solutions and ensure their desired results. FOODSIGN is a blockchain-powered traceability platform that provides end-to-end traceability and brings visibility into the supply chain. 

The Traceability journey

  • About 265 farmers from the RRPPCL FPO get onboarded to the FOODSIGN platform through a user-friendly mobile app. 
  • A farm area of 320 hectares is mapped onto a geospatial environment 
  • The Red gram crop details are configured in the system 
  • The various crop activities are configured along with schedules and other input details. 
  • Harvest dashboards are generated to monitor and track harvest schedules 
  • The batch ids are generated and inventory is recorded. 
  • 50kg bags are dispatched to RRPPCL FPO 
  • The MRL testing is carried out and after quality certification, the bags are dispatched to the milling process. 
  • The post-harvest processes of milling, packaging and labeling are carried out

Win-Win for both N+3F and TraceX 

N+3F benefits in delivering pesticide-free safe food to consumers with the help of technology solutions from TraceX.

The blockchain traceability ensures an authentic product together with validations on their crop practices claims, thereby winning the trust of consumers and building safe and trustworthy brands in the market. 

TraceX is happy to connect with N+3F and help them to follow sustainable practices to deliver quality and safe food to consumers, a step towards Sustainable Development Goals. 

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food traceability, food supply chain

Manu Bhardwaj – VP of Growth and Strategy of TraceX Technologies. An engineer turned entrepreneur and a Traceability expert.

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