Complete Guide to Food Supply Chain Management

Food Supply Chain Management is a key to meet the growing consumer demand for safe, quality, and sustainably sourced food.

As the food industry continues to evolve, the supply chain strategy has to be viewed as a roadmap to the future.

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This complete guide to Food Supply Chain Management talks about 

  • Food Supply Chains all over the world 
  • Relevance of Traceability in the food supply chain 
  • How the farm to fork logistics of the food supply chain works 
  • Food Supply Chain Management and its Systems and Implementation 
  • Supply Chain Management Trends 
  • Carbon Footprint of Food Supply Chains, Climatic Impact, and its reduction 
  • Technology Solutions for an Optimized Food Supply Chain 
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Why read this ebook?

An efficient food supply chain management system is the key to the demand for quality and sustainable food from the consumers. It also satisfies the environmental, social, and economic requirements. Certifying products against sustainability standards and adhering to regulatory standards brings visibility in the global market for organizations.

Blockchain in the supply chain has the potential to increase supply chain transparency, and traceability, reducing risk and increasing the overall supply chain management.

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