Agriculture Supply Chain eBook: Traceability in Agriculture Value Chains

The success of agriculture value chains depends not only on the movement of products in the supply chain but how the data is captured at all stages and shared with the stakeholders to ensure transparency. 

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  • Stages in the Agriculture Value Chain 
  • The Challenges that loom over the stages in the Supply Chain 
  • The Value Chain approach and the drivers that build the ecosystem 
  • A peep into a few of the agriculture chains like the Seed value chain, Rice Value Chain, Dairy Value Chain, and the Seafood value chain 
  • The way forward with Supply Chain Digitization with Blockchain Traceability 
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Why read this ebook?

At the heart of every agriculture value chain is the product, that travels the journey from the farm to the plate across geographical landscapes, passing through many hands. Transparency in the product journey is crucial in a food supply chain to ensure food safety and build trust among consumers. 

Traceability systems provide end-to-end visibility of the supply chain, assuring resilience in the food ecosystem. Blockchain solutions create a decentralized transparent record of the product’s journey from source to consumption, accessible by all parties in the supply chain.

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